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Central California clean energy transmission project

The Central California Clean Energy Transmission Project (C3ETP) was proposed by PG&E in 2008 to construct a new 500 kV double circuit tower line (DCTL) from Midway to a new substation east of Fresno on new right-of-way. The project objectives are to: enhance reliability to the Yosemite/Fresno area, increase the Helms PSP utilization for enhancing the value of off-peak generation, facilitate efficient management of renewables, increase Path 15 transfer capability by ~1,250 MW, and provide opportunity for future expansion. In March 2010, the California ISO approved a number of incremental transmission upgrades to ensure reliability to the Yosemite/Fresno area over the next five to ten years. In the current transmission planning process cycle, the ISO is evaluating the need for transmission upgrades to deliver and integrate renewable resources expected to come online to meet the state's 33% Renewables Portfolio Standard goal by the year 2020. Various transmission upgrade alternatives—including C3ETP, other project sponsor proposals, and ISO-identified alternatives—will be considered for meeting the identified transmission needs.

Policy development

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