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May 18, 2012



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2012/2013 Transmission Planning Process - Revised Renewable Portfolios Posted




The revised renewable generation portfolios recommended by the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission has been posted to the California ISO website.



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The ISO will conduct renewable transmission studies for the 2012/2013 planning cycle as part of the transmission planning process in order to meet the California 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2020.


The ISO hosted a stakeholder meeting on April 2, 2012 where the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and California Energy Commission (CEC) presented and discussed the recommended renewable generation portfolios and development assumptions. The CPUC and CEC have considered stakeholder comments and finalized the portfolios.


On May 16, the CPUC and CEC provided the ISO a letter describing the revised scenarios. The letter is available on the ISO website at


Within the analysis of the 2012/2013 planning cycle, the ISO will use the base scenario and sensitivities provided by the CPUC and CEC with the following addition and a further sensitivity analysis.



The ISO will add 200 to 250 MW in the Valley Electric area within the "commercial interest" scenario that will be used as the base portfolio to reflect that the generation permitting processes in Nevada is different than in California to ensure that the projects connected to the Valley Electric Association transmission system are reflected on a comparable basis to discounted core projects in California.


In the 2012/2013 transmission planning cycle, the ISO will study a sensitivity case modeling a high out of state import scenario, which will examine effects on the high voltage 500 kV system within California. The analysis will be conducted as a sensitivity analysis for informational purposes only.


The ISO, CPUC and CEC responses to stakeholder comments about the proposed renewable portfolios will be posted during Q2, 2012 and the ISO will send a market notice informing stakeholders when the responses are posted.



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