April 16, 2014


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Resend: 2013-2014 Transmission Planning Process Competitive Solicitation is Open




The California ISO opened the 2013-2014 competitive solicitation bid window to receive proposals to build the Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Power Support project, the Miguel Reactive Power Support project, and the new Estrella, Spring, and Wheeler Ridge Junction substations. Completed proposals for the two reactive transmission solutions must be submitted prior to June 16, 2014. Completed proposals for the new substation solutions must be submitted prior to August 16, 2014.



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The ISO identified five transmission solutions through the 2013-2014 transmission planning process that are eligible for competitive solicitation. These transmission solutions were approved in the 2013-2014 Transmission Plan by the ISO Board of Governors in March, 2014, which initiated Phase 3 of the transmission planning process. These transmission solutions are now eligible for project sponsor selection in the competitive solicitation process as follows:

Interested project sponsors must submit complete applications to finance, construct, and own the Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Power Support and/or the Miguel Reactive Power Support solutions within the two month bid window from April 16 through June 16, 2014.

Project sponsors interested in the Estrella, Spring or Wheeler Ridge Junction Substation solutions must submit complete applications to finance, construct and own any or all of these projects within the four month bid window from April 16 through August 16, 2014.


Detailed project descriptions for all of the above projects area available on the ISO website at:

Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Power Support:

Miguel Reactive Power Support:

Estrella Substation:

Spring Substation:

Wheeler Ridge Junction Substation:


The Phase 3 Activity Schedule is available at


The Transmission Project Sponsor Application, which includes the instructions and data requirement descriptions, has been updated and is available at


Please submit complete applications to before the closing dates as specified above. The ISO will validate each application and notify each submitter of its application status.


More information on the transmission planning process Phase 3 is available in the Transmission Planning Process Business Practice Manual (BPM). The BPM and proposed changes through the BPM Change Management Process is available at Planning Process.



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