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August 15, 2013



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2013-2014 Transmission Planning Process Reliability Results




The California ISO will post the 2013-2014 reliability assessment preliminary study results and mitigation solutions to its website.



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As part of Phase 2 of the annual ISO transmission planning process, the ISO will post the 2013-2014 reliability assessment preliminary study results and mitigation solutions on its website today at


The ISO will notify stakeholders when the reliability base cases and planning data that these studies were based on are available, via the Market Participant Portal at under the transmission planning section. The planning data reflects the assumptions addressed with stakeholders in the 2013-2014 Study Plan and is being used to develop the 2013-2014 ISO Transmission Plan.


Transmission planning process participants may refer to the Transmission Planning Process Business Practice Manual (BPM) at for more information about the annual transmission planning process.


About the Secured Transmission Planning Webpage

In compliance with FERC Order 890, the ISO provides stakeholders access to confidential base case data used in the transmission planning process through a secured website. The non-disclosure agreement and criteria for accessing the site are available at under the accessing transmission data heading.


In addition, the ISO has initiated a separate San Francisco Peninsula extreme event reliability assessment, which will be included in the 2013-2014 transmission planning cycle. Information about the assessment will be available on the secured website and announced as materials are posted.


For more information on how to receive access to the secure website please contact Dana Young at



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