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February 10, 2017




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Business Practice Manuals


BPM Change Management Proposed Revision Requests Posted 2/10/17




This notice announces the posting and beginning of stakeholder review periods for new Proposed Revision Requests (PRRs) to Business Practice Manuals (BPM), ISO recommendations, and final decisions on previously submitted PRRs.




The California ISO Business Practice Manuals (BPM) Change Management process enables the ISO and affected parties to propose and track all requested changes to ISO Business Practice Manuals, called Proposed Revision Requests (PRRs).  All PRRs and related activity is publicly available through the BPM Change Management site at


The ISO has posted to the BPM change management site the below referenced (1) newly initiated PRRs, (2) ISO recommendations and (3) final decisions on proposed BPM changes.  The 10 business day comment period is now open on newly initiated PRRs and ISO recommendations, and the 10 business day appeals period is now open on ISO final decisions, beginning with the date of this market notice.


The ISO may unilaterally make and implement revisions to the BPMs in emergency circumstances, as set forth in Sections 22.4.3 and 22.11 of the ISO Tariff and in Section 2.6 of the Business Practice Manual for BPM Change Management.  An emergency PRR will continue through the BPM change management stakeholder process to obtain stakeholder input on the revisions and make other recommendations, as necessary.


Please note that affected parties must register in order to submit a PRR or written comments. 


New PRRs Posted, Comment Period Open 2/10/17 through 2/27/17


PRR Title

Affected BPM


Interconnection reliability operations and coordination standard 17

Outage Management


Clarification updates to BPM for resource adequacy availability incentive mechanism precalc

Settlements and Billing


Update BPM for CC 6045 configuration formula to remove dispatchable demand resource from the over and under scheduling assessment

Settlements and Billing


Update pre-calculation real time  net amount to resolve two issues that relate to (1) the application of the persistent deviation metric (PDM) and (2) the determination of bid cost recovery bid cost for a net-settled metered subsystems

Settlements and Billing


ISO Recommendations, No New Postings


ISO Final Decisions, No New Postings




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