August 19, 2014



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Competitive Solicitation Expanded for Delaney to Colorado River Transmission Line




The California ISO expanded the 2013-2014 transmission planning process competitive solicitation bid window to receive proposals to finance, construct and own the Delaney to Colorado River 500 kV transmission line.  Project sponsors must submit completed proposals by November 19, 2014.



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The ISO identified the Delaney to Colorado 500 kV transmission line solution through the 2013-2014 transmission planning process.  This project is eligible for competitive solicitation. The ISO Board of Governors approved this transmission solution in July, 2014 initiating phase 3 of the transmission planning process for project sponsor selection.  The process begins with a three month bid window from August 19 through November 19 for interested sponsors to submit applications to finance, construct and own the Delaney to Colorado River 500 kV transmission line project.  Project sponsors interested in this project must submit completed applications by November 19, 2014.


Detailed descriptions and key selection factors are available on the ISO website at .


The Phase 3 Activity Schedule (Sequence 3) is available at


The project sponsor application (version 4), which includes instructions and data requirement descriptions, is available at


Please submit completed applications to before the November 19 closing date.  The ISO will acknowledge receipt of each application and will validate each.


More information on the transmission planning process Phase 3 is available in the Transmission Planning Process Business Practice Manual (BPM).  The BPM and proposed changes through the BPM Change Management Process are available at



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