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December 16, 2013



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Stakeholder Input for 2014-2015 Unified Planning Assumptions




The California ISO is seeking stakeholder input on demand response assumptions and generation or other non-transmission alternatives for consideration in the draft unified planning assumptions and 2014-2015 study plan.



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To initiate Phase 1 of the 2014-2015 transmission planning process and in accordance with tariff Section 24.3.3(a), the ISO is initiating the annual comment period for stakeholders to propose demand response assumptions and generation or other non-transmission alternatives for consideration in the unified planning assumptions and 2014-2015 study plan. This annual step provides an opportunity for stakeholder input into the draft study plan at the earliest possible stage, and is necessary to comply with ISO established business practices.


Please submit proposals to the ISO at during the thirty-day comment period, December 16, 2013 through January 16, 2014. In order for the ISO to efficiently use this proposed information in its studies, please provide the following data in support of any proposed inputs:


Demand response assumptions:

Bus-level model of demand response assumptions for power flow or stability studies and associated planning level costs. In addition, submitters must provide satisfactory evidence showing that the proposed demand response will be reliably operated and controllable by the ISO, as well as having received appropriate regulatory approval as part of the Resource Adequacy or other similar program such as the California Public Utilities Commission long term procurement process.

Generation or other non-transmission alternatives:

At minimum, the submitter must be able to provide the information necessary for these alternatives to be modeled in the planning studies. This information includes, but is not limited to, project location, project costs, size, power flow and dynamic models, project scope and detailed descriptions of the characteristics or how the proposed generation of non-transmission alternative will be operated.


A summary of stakeholder input submissions will be documented in the draft 2014-2015 study plan.



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