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December 31, 2018


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Year-End Review: Improvements and Additions to California ISO and Western EIM Websites


Based on feedback received from stakeholders and the public, the California ISO made many improvements and additions to both the ISO and Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) websites in 2018. These upgrades and additions have enhanced the customer experience through improved communications.


New webpages on the ISO website

In 2018, the ISO created four new webpages in an effort to streamline the way information is shared with and accessed by its stakeholders and the public. These new webpages include: a Reliability Coordinator (RC) page providing users with a way to track the ISO’s progress on becoming its own RC and offering services to other balancing authorities in the West; a Daily Briefing page that allows users to easily search and filter all market notices issued by the ISO; a Summer Readiness page sharing how the ISO prepared for summer load; and a dedicated page compiling all content related to the Market Monitoring department.


Additional resources to access energy data

The ISO also added new features to several of its existing pages in 2018 to increase access to grid information. On the Today’s Outlook webpage, users can now identify yearly trends on emissions output serving ISO demand, and see a supply trend graph that includes all resources. The Managing Oversupply page was also updated to include an interactive wind and solar monthly curtailment chart to provide users with more granular data.


Other improvements to the site include adding current renewable supply and percentage of renewables serving load to the home page, and a refreshed Going green webpage with real-time renewable supply data including a breakdown of all renewable resources meeting load.


Western EIM website improvements

In addition to improvements made to the ISO website, the home page and Benefits page of the western EIM website were refreshed. The home page now includes quarterly and total gross savings, as well as a link to the most recent quarterly report. The Benefits page now shows gross benefits by participant, presenting users with more refined data.


The initiatives page of the western EIM website was also refreshed and reorganized to better identify initiatives that fall under the western EIM’s authority.


The ISO continues to strive toward improving its communications with stakeholders and the public. We welcome feedback on the updates made during 2018 so we can further make the customer experience easier and more useful.


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