March 20, 2024
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California Energy Commission Demand Response data request

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has requested confidential demand response (DR) data to support its work related to supply side demand response (DR). Specifically, the data supports: (1) Testing proposals under the supply-side DR qualifying capacity (QC) working group and determining incremental capacity, (2) calculating incentives under the Demand Side Grid Support (DSGS) program Option 2 incentive for market-integrated DR, and (3) implementing a comparison group-based load impact measurement methodology.


This data request includes confidential demand response bid, schedule, and settlement data for proxy demand response and reliability demand response resources:

  • Bids - Day-ahead and real-time economic bids and self-schedules for demand response resources
  • Schedules and settlements by interval (T+70B settlement amounts):
    • Day-ahead scheduled quantity
    • Hourly Day-ahead energy payment
    • Hourly Fifteen-minute market instructed imbalance energy
    • Fifteen-minute market instructed imbalance energy payment or charge
    • Five-minute market instructed imbalance energy
    • Five-minute market instructed imbalance energy payment or charge
    • Standard ramping energy
    • Total expected energy
    • Uninstructed energy
    • Uninstructed energy payment or charge
    • Metered energy
  • Demand response registration information:
    • DR Registration ID
    • Resource ID
    • DRP ID
    • DRP SC
    • DR Registration Start Date/Time
    • DR Registration End Date/Time
    • Status
    • Service Account Number
    • UDC
    • LSE
    • Sublap
    • Address
    • Zip Code
    • Device Type


As set forth in California Code of Regulations, title 20, section 2505(b) and Government Code section 7921.505(c)(5) and (10), data submitted to the CEC from the California ISO and designated as confidential will be maintained by the CEC as confidential.


Any market participant that objects to the CAISO providing the requested information to the CEC must submit its objection to CAISO by noon on April 9, 2024, along with a court order or other appropriate order that prohibits disclosure. Unless CAISO receives such an order by the listed due date, CAISO will transmit this information to the CEC pursuant to protection of confidential information under California Code of Regulations, Title 20, Section 2505(b).


Please direct any such order, questions or comments to ISO Senior Counsel John Spomer at and to ISO Paralegal Martha Sedgley at

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