Feb. 28, 2024
Action Date
Legal & Regulatory
Officer certification form due 4/30/24

 The California ISO Tariff Section 12.1 requires all market participants to comply with the minimum participation requirements. These requirements include the annual submission of a fully executed Officer Certification Form by April 30 each year. The form is available on the Settlements webpage of the ISO website, under the Credit Policy heading.


Market participants who cannot answer affirmatively to either sections 6bi or 6bii on the form must also submit copies of their risk management policies, procedures and controls, in support of their narrative responses in section 6. These copies are due to the ISO by the April 30, 2024 deadline.


Market participants who have previously provided these copies and attest there are no material changes to the information provided are not subject to providing new copies.


Please contact Christina Billing at with any questions.

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