Feb. 8, 2024
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Reliability Demand Response Resource Minimum On Time initiative moved to inactive

The California ISO has decided to move the Reliability Demand Response Resource Minimum On Time (RDRR MOT) initiative to inactive.


Late last year the ISO agreed to explore the potential for making changes to the RDRR policy in response to Stakeholder requests, specifically a change providing the ability for RDRRs to have a longer minimum on time, through a narrowly scoped expedited policy initiative. The initiative explored tariff and system changes needed to extend RDRRs allowable minimum on time beyond the existing one (1) hour limitation. Through the initiative process, it became apparent that while the ISO could provide RDRR stakeholders with the ability to increase their minimum on time above the currently restricted maximum, the proposed change would not fully meet stakeholder objectives without addressing unanticipated RDRR modeled optimization limitations. 


It was discovered that extending the minimum on time beyond one (1) hour raised substantive policy implications and participation model changes that would require more significant enhancements which could not be accomplished through this narrowly scoped initiative by summer 2024. As a result, pursuit of the in-scope RDRR MOT change proposed ended and the initiative subsequently inactivated.  


The ISO recognized that changes required to fully meet all stakeholder needs could not be addressed in the expedited RDRR MOT initiative. To do so, a much broader re-evaluation of the RDRR policy and participation model implemented would be required to ensure all stakeholder objectives were met. We have asked that interested stakeholders submit their request for a more holistic review of the RDRR modeling and design through the policy road map development recently launched, this will allow stakeholders to provide their feedback on the prioritization of a more comprehensive RDRR initiative effort. Please submit written requests on the potential discretionary initiatives to the 2024 annual policy catalog by end of day Feb. 28, 2024, through the ISO’s commenting tool using the link on the process webpage.


For more information on the 2024 Annual Policy Initiatives Roadmap Process, visit the process webpage.



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