Feb. 13, 2024
Request for Comment
Reminder: Annual Policy Initiatives Roadmap Process 2024 comment submission deadline 2/28/24

The California ISO is accepting stakeholder submissions to the 2024 Annual Policy Initiatives Catalog until Feb. 28, 2024, and encourages all stakeholders to take advantage of this annual opportunity to submit discretionary initiatives for potential inclusion in the Policy Roadmap. Submissions are accepted once annually, with the 2024 window remaining open until February 28.


All stakeholders are welcome to submit discretionary policy initiatives, which may include new initiatives, issues discussed in policy initiative working groups, or initiatives included in previous versions of the Catalog. The ISO is committed to assessing proposals from the entire stakeholder community, and while the ISO encourages stakeholders to include as much detail as possible in the submission template, all submissions are welcomed.


A stakeholder-led prioritization of submissions will begin in March 2024 with a Regional Issues Forum (RIF) Roundtable, followed by a general stakeholder prioritization working group in April. For more information about the prioritization process and criteria, please refer to the Jan. 30, 2024 stakeholder call presentations available on the 2024 Annual policy initiatives roadmap process webpage. Stakeholders may contact Gillian Biedler at with any questions regarding submissions or the Catalog process.


These are the submissions into the new process, not comments on the process itself. Please plan to submit requests through the ISO’s commenting tool using the link on the process webpage.


Please contact Gillian Biedler at with any questions about submissions or the Catalog process. Contact Brenda Corona at or with any questions.

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