April 10, 2024
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Section 43A.6.3 Report of Non-Resource Adequacy Capacity for March 2024

The California ISO Tariff section 43A.6.3 requires the ISO to publish a monthly report of market and non-market commitment of non-resource adequacy (RA) capacity. The ISO published its Non-Resource Adequacy Capacity Report for March 2024 to its website.


The accompanying Non RA Capacity Table spreadsheet listing all of the instances for the month, including committed resources and non-RA capacity based on resource dispatches, is also available.


The ISO had zero (0) instances of exceptional dispatches of non-RA capacity in the month of March 2024.


The report includes the following:

  • name of the resource;
  • utility service area and local capacity area (if applicable);
  • maximum non‑RA capacity dispatched in response to the event (MW);
  • how capacity was procured (for example, by residual unit commitment or exceptional dispatch); and
  • reason the non‑RA capacity was dispatched (either through market optimization or exceptional dispatch).


The “maximum” non-RA capacity is the capacity that was dispatched in the real-time market above the RA capacity committed as a result of physically binding start-up instructions and incremental energy dispatches. Exceptionally dispatched non-RA capacity will be reported separately from in-market non‑RA capacity for each trading day. Exceptional dispatches for the purposes of testing will not be included. Maximum non-RA capacity will not include any non‑RA capacity below the resource’s minimum operating level if the resource has sold any capacity below that level as RA capacity. When this occurs, the RA must-offer obligation applies to the minimum operating level (PMin) available.


Market commitments and dispatches result from a security-constrained optimization based on bids and self-schedules from all capacity (RA and non-RA) that has submitted bids. The ISO may also issue exceptional dispatches to commit and dispatch resources, for which the ISO uses available information to select the most economic resources for exceptional dispatch that can meet the reliability need. This generally results in exceptional dispatches only of RA capacity.


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