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  • Demand response - proxy demand resource
    The ISO proposes the proxy demand resource product in order to increase demand response participation in the ISO market and respond to stakeholders’ requests for a demand response product that will facilitate the participation of existing retail demand programs in the ISO market.
    • Outcome
      The California ISO successfully deployed the Proxy Demand Resource (PDR) product as scheduled. As part of this deployment, the ISO deployed the Demand Response System (DRS) and released software updates for the California ISO Market Results Interface (CMRI), Scheduling and Logging for ISO of California (SLIC), Settlements and Market Clearing (SaMC) configuration to production to support the Proxy Demand Resource functionality. — Implemented: Aug. 10, 2010; FERC Order: July 15, 2010 (ER10-765); Board of Governors approval: Sept. 10, 2009
    • Demand response - proxy demand resource - papers and proposals
    • Demand response - proxy demand resource - tariff
    • Updates to the proxy demand resource agreement
    • Comments on draft final proposal
    • Comments on the revised straw proposal
    • Comments on straw proposal for design of PDR
    • Comments on direct participation issue paper
    • Comments on second posting of draft tariff language
    • Comments on draft tariff language
    • FERC Order teleconference 27-Jul-2010
    • PDR implementation workshop 05-Jan-2010
    • PDR implementation teleconference 15-Dec-2009
    • PDR implementation teleconference 8-Dec-2009
    • Stakeholder meeting 28-Jul-2009
    • Proxy demand resource working group meeting 23-Jun-2009
    • Proxy demand resource working group meeting 12-Jun-2009
    • Proxy demand resource working group meeting 26-May-2009
    • Proxy demand resource working group meeting 12-May-2009
    • Stakeholder meeting 30-Apr-2009
    • Stakeholder teleconference 22-Apr-2009
    • Market Surveillance Committee / stakeholder meeting 12-Mar-2009
    • Stakeholder teleconference 27-Feb 2009
    • Stakeholder and working group meeting 15-Jan-2009
    • Stakeholder teleconference 05-Jan-2009