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  • Consolidated Energy Imbalance Market initiatives
    This new initiative combines three EIM initiatives from the ISO 2017 Roadmap. The initiative will investigate if third party transmission owners located between two EIM balancing areas (BA) can provide available capacity to these entities for EIM transfers. It will also examine if current wheel through functionality can be used to manage bilateral schedule changes that either source or wheel across the EIM footprint. And finally, this initiative will explore equitable sharing of benefits when an EIM transfer wheels through an EIM BA.
    • Outcome
      The ISO implemented effective November 1, 2018 the following EIM enhancements: 1) Markets to exclude flexible ramping provision of EIM Balancing Authority Areas (BAAs) undergoing contingency with a new OASIS report to display the real-time intervals where BAAs (EIM and ISO) are in contingency; and 2) ISO enhancements to Balancing Authority Area Operations Portal (BAAOP) EIM operator screens to review active market data and flexible ramping sufficiency test inputs for improved EIM operations. — Implemented: Nov 01, 2018; FERC approval: Feb 14, 2018; Tariff amendment filing (ER18-461): Dec 15, 2017; Board of Governors approval: Dec. 14, 2017
    • Consolidated Energy Imbalance Market initiatives - papers and proposals
    • Consolidated Energy Imbalance Market initiatives - tariff language
    • Notice of decisional classification
    • Web conference - Powerex implementation agreement overview - Oct 3, 2017
      The new EIM functionality enhancements included in the Consolidated EIM Initiatives were discussed during this web conference.
    • Comments on draft final proposal
    • Comments on straw proposal
    • Comments on issue paper
    • Comments on revised draft tariff language
    • Comments on draft tariff language
    • Web conference - revised draft tariff language - Dec 7, 2017
    • Web conference - tariff - Nov 30, 2017
    • Web conference Sep 12, 2017
    • Meeting Aug 7, 2017
    • Web conference - issue paper - Jun 20, 2017
    • Consolidated Energy Imbalance Market initiatives - relevant market notices