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  • Frequency response phase 1
    This initiative will explore how to ensure acceptable dynamic response to frequency changes during the initial seconds to one minute following a large disturbance, which is critical for system reliability. Frequency response is provided by turbines and frequency responsive load. The system’s ability to respond sufficiently and quickly protects equipment by limiting the magnitude of the disturbance.
    • Outcome
      Software deployment for BAL-003 consisted of the creation of a new settlements charge code for allocating costs associated with the procurement of Transferred Frequency Response Obligation. FERC approved the system changes in February 2017. — Implemented: Sept. 30, 2016; FERC approval: Feb. 2, 2017; Tariff amendment filing: April 21, 2016 (ER16-1483); Board of Governors approval: March 25, 2016
    • Frequency response - papers and proposals
    • Frequency response - tariff language
    • Comments on draft final proposal
    • Comments on straw proposal
    • Comments on issue paper
    • Comments on draft request for proposal and agreement
    • Comments on revised draft tariff language
    • Comments on draft tariff language
    • Comments on working group discussion Dec 14, 2015