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ISO Today

Monitor California ISO real-time power grid conditions, receive alerts and track calendar events with this free application. ISO Today makes our top web features available at your touch.




  • Monitor prices with the interactive price map that depicts the current hour's wholesale energy prices with zoom in to specific price details, including cost breakdowns, for thousands of price points across the grid.

  • View near real-time demand of electricity, including the amount of green energy helping to “keep the lights on” at any given time. The app offers advanced graph features, including automatic graph resizing based on the device and screen orientation, flexible zoom capability, individual line on and off toggle and new data displays of output at any point in time and hourly.

  • Receive ISO issued Flex Alerts when conservation is needed and Alerts, Warnings and Emergency notifications when operating reserves or transmission capacity limitations threaten our ability to safely and reliably operate the grid.

  • Stay informed by accessing market notices and ISO tweets directly in the app.

  • See renewables at a glance with the map of wind and solar plants connected to the ISO grid and their current aggregated energy production with weather, cloud and fire condition overlays.

  • View the ISO public meeting schedule and add meetings in your mobile phone calendar and receive automatic updates​.

Version 3 of ISO Today is compatible with iOS7 and Android 2.3 and up for smart phones, tablets and iPads.  Apple devices with the iOS6 operating system can still download Version 2 from the app store.