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  • Dynamic transfers
    During this stakeholder process we will review the range of dynamic transfer-based services presently offered in the ISO tariff, explore the issues central to the potential expansion of ISO dynamic transfer scheduling policy, and determine any appropriate tariff changes. Areas of potential future expansion of these services include: 1) Expanded use of dynamic import service for conventional resources to include dynamic transfer of intermittent or “renewable” energy resources into the ISO from other Balancing Authority Areas (BAAs), 2) Expansion of present dynamic scheduling functionality to include dynamic export service in the ISO tariff, including renewable energy and/or ancillary services from the ISO to other BAAs, 3) Incorporation of pseudo tie service in the ISO tariff, predicated upon the successful culmination of the two present conventional resource pseudo tie pilots, and 4) Extension of pseudo tie service to include intermittent resources. Outcome The ISO tariff revisions were approved by FERC on September 30, 2011. All changes not requiring software modification were made effective immediately. Dynamic Transfers policy was revised and approved by the Board of Governors with the FERC Order No. 764 Market Changes proposal on May 15, 2013. Dynamic transfer changes requiring market software modification implemented with the FERC Order No. 764 Market Changes stakeholder initiative.
    • Outcome
      Implemented: Spring 2014 as part of FERC Order No. 764 Market Changes; FERC approval: Sep 30, 2011 (ER11-4161); Tariff amendment filing: Jul 29, 2011; Board of Governors approval: May 19, 2011
    • Dynamic transfers - papers and proposals