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  • Outage management system replacement
    The ISO will replace its existing outage management system with one that has enhanced modeling capabilities and simplifies our business processes to improve the accuracy and efficiency of managing outages. The system is targeted for implementation in October 2014, at which time the Scheduling and Logging for ISO of California (SLIC) application will no longer be used for managing outages.
    • Outcome
      The ISO implemented a new outage management system (OMS) on Feb 27, 2015 replacing the legacy SLIC application for generation and transmission outages. The new system provides improved outage data accuracy and increased efficiency through automation of manual processes. — Implemented: Feb 27, 2015; FERC approval: Sep 05, 2014; Tariff amendment filing: Jul 07, 2014 (ER14-2372); Board of Governors approval: Feb 06, 2014
    • Outage management system replacement - papers and proposals