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  • FERC Order 1000 compliance - phase 1
    The ISO is modifying its tariff to incorporate the regional requirements specified by FERC Order No. 1000. Through Phase 1 of this initiative the ISO developed with stakeholders the necessary tariff amendments to comply with the regional requirements of FERC Order No. 1000 for planning and cost allocation, and non-incumbent transmission developers. The ISO must make its compliance filing with FERC by October 11, 2012.
    • Outcome
      The ISO modified its tariff and implemented a series of changes to comply with FERC Order No. 1000 regional requirements directive. The changes include: 1) a process for notifying stakeholders when the ISO determines a need is not driven by public policy requirements; 2) competitive solicitation qualification criteria; 3) information requirements for transmission facilities; 4) evaluation and re-evaluation processes for transmission proposal selection; and 5) a cost allocation mechanism. — Effective: Dec 18, 2014; FERC approval: Dec 18, 2014; Tariff amendment filing: Oct 11, 2012 (ER13-103); Board of Governors approval: Sep 13, 2012
    • FERC Order 1000 compliance phase 1- papers and proposals