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  • Full network model expansion
    Through this initiative, the ISO will expand its full network model to more effectively balance the grid with external balancing authority areas and improve reliability and market solution accuracy, consistent with FERC and NERC recommendations following the September 8, 2011 southwest power outage. The proposed solution includes enhanced 1) loop flow modeling; 2) security analysis; 3) high voltage direct current transmission modeling; and 4) outage analysis and coordination.
    • Outcome
      The FNM expansion project provided reliability and market efficiency benefits by enhancing our modeling capabilities to account for unscheduled flows and enforce power flow constraints in the day-ahead market. Additionally, the full network model topology was expanded to include information on resources, load and interchange schedules in other balancing authority areas. — Implemented: Oct 15, 2014; FERC approval: Nov 19, 2015; Tariff amendment filing: May 22, 2014 (ER14-2017); Board of Governors approval: Feb 06, 2014
    • Full network model expansion - papers and proposals