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  • Ancillary services procurement in HASP and dispatch logic
    To prepare for the new market launch, the California ISO filed and received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC ) to defer the procurement of ancillary services in hour-ahead scheduling process (HASP), and to procure any required incremental ancillary services after the day-ahead market in the 15-minute Real-Time Pre-Dispatch (RTPD) process. The ISO submitted the Deferred Function Amendment Filing to FERC on October 31, 2008, and indicated that it anticipated reverting back to hour-ahead procurement of ancillary services six to nine months after the new market go-live. Under this initiative, the ISO considers reverting to ancillary services procurement in HASP and proposes solutions to dispatch energy from operating reserves procured from non-dynamic system resources in the hour ahead.
    • Outcome
      The implementation supports the optimal procurement and real-time dispatch of hourly Operating Reserves (Spinning and Non-Spinning Reserves) from Hourly Pre-Dispatched Resources, specifically focusing on non-dynamic system resources. Such real-time dispatch is contingency only and can occur only once within a Trading Hour, and shall stay constant for the remainder of that hour. —Implementation: April 1, 2010; Board of Governors approval: May 18, 2010
    • Ancillary services procurement in HASP and dispatch logic - papers and proposals
    • Ancillary services procurement in HASP and dispatch logic - tariff
    • Comments on draft tariff language
    • Comments on straw proposal