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  • Commitment costs refinement 2012
    Through this initiative, the ISO will evaluate several more opportunities to further improve the specification of start-up and minimum load costs. The ISO plans to weigh changes to the proxy minimum load cost option to consider the following: 1) costs due to the upcoming greenhouse gas “cap-and-trade” program in California; 2) costs associated with operational flow orders in the natural gas market; and 3) the cost of the grid management charge into minimum load costs. The ISO also will evaluate changes to the registered cost option cap for start-up and minimum load costs, a fixed adder to proxy start-up calculations to cover major maintenance expenses, and additional issues related to commitment costs as requested by stakeholders.
    • Outcome
      FERC approval: Oct 29, 2013; Tariff amendment filing: Aug 30, 2013 (ER13-2296); Greenhouse gas component implemented: Jan 01, 2013; Board of Governors approval: May 16, 2012
    • Commitment costs refinement 2012 - papers and proposals