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  • Capacity markets
    Over the last few years, California has designed and implemented a new resource adequacy program. A key next step in the resource adequacy evolution is to determine whether a capacity market would be a beneficial complement to the phased-in resource adequacy plan, and if so, what are the appropriate attributes of a capacity market.
    • Outcome
      The ISO worked with the California Public Utilities Commission and other stakeholders during the period 2007 through mid-2010 to explore development of a long-term resource adequacy framework. The discussion included consideration of multi-year forward procurement of resource adequacy capacity and potentially a capacity market. The ISO and stakeholders submitted numerous rounds of written comments to the CPUC in response to a proceeding that was established by the CPUC (Rulemaking 05-12-013, filed Dec 15, 2005, Order Instituting Rulemaking to Consider Refinements to and Further Development of the Commission's Resource Adequacy Requirements Program). On Jun 03, 2010, the CPUC issued a decision in the long-term resource adequacy proceeding that leaves the current resource adequacy program essentially unchanged (Decision 10-06-018, Decision on Phase 2 – Track 2 Issues: Adoption of a Preferred Policy for Resource Adequacy). Decision 10-06-018, available on the CPUC web site at:, did not adopt multi-year forward procurement nor did it adopt a capacity market.
    • Capacity markets - papers and proposals