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Managing the evolving grid 
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​Key topics

Here’s a dynamic, up-to-the-minute guide to what’s trending at the ISO.


2018 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment

The 2018 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment forecasts the peak demand to be about the same as last year, but with below-average hydroelectricity supplies and plant retirements, capacity to service consumers will be tight in high-load periods, especially during the late summer. Read the full news release.

California ISO western EIM total benefits rise to $330 million

The western Energy Imbalance Market in the first quarter saw benefits top $42 million while 28,188 metrics tons of CO2 emissions were avoided. Read the full news release.

Western EIM welcomes two new participants

Boise-based Idaho Power and Powerex of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada have successfully entered the western Energy Imbalance Market, which has saved its participants more than a quarter billion dollars since its inception in November 2014 through 2017. The ISO’s real-time power market now serves more than 42 million consumers in eight western states. Read the full news release.

The ISO Board of Governors approves the 2017-2018 Transmission Plan

The ISO Board of Governors has approved the 2017-2018 Transmission Plan, which recommends 17 projects at an estimated cost of $271.3 million. The plan also recommended canceling or modifying 41 older projects avoiding $2.6 billion in costs.

ISO changes rules to improve CRR auction

The ISO Board recently approved rule changes to mitigate overpayments in the Congestion Revenue Rights auction, a mechanism for market participants to hedge congestion cost risks. The changes are intended to address shortfalls in revenues in the auction. More enhancements are proposed later this year to further improve the efficiency of the design and reduce payouts in excess of revenues.

ISO Department of Market Monitoring publishes fourth quarter report

The California ISO Department of Market Monitoring has posted its 2017 Fourth Quarter Report on Market Issues and Performance. The report provides an analysis of wholesale prices during the quarter as well as an overview of general market performance.