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Managing the evolving grid 
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Here’s a dynamic, up-to-the-minute guide to what’s trending at the ISO.


Energy Matters newsletter, Issue 15

Second quarter Western EIM benefits hits record high with the real-time market benefits now more than $400 million. Also in this edition of Energy Matters, we thank Californians for conserving almost 1,000 megawatts during the July heatwave Flex Alerts. The ISO along with its partners were recognized for a prestigious award by InterSolar Europe 2018 for groundbreaking work on operating solar plants. Last, the ISO’s 10th annual Symposium in October is shaping up to be a premier industry event.

Idaho Power, PacifiCorp choose California ISO for new RC services

The California ISO continues to move forward on its path to establish Reliability Coordinator (RC) services, welcoming recent announcements by entities choosing ISO RC in 2019. Read about it in our news release.

Western Energy Imbalance Market benefits surpass $400 million

The California ISO’s Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) posted second-quarter 2018 benefits of $71.21 million, the highest quarterly benefits recorded for the real-time electricity market. Total gross benefits of the market to its eight participants now surpass $400 million, and carbon emissions in the region have been reduced by 55,627 metric tons since the EIM launch in 2014. Read the news release.

ISO welcomes BANC’s announcement to join ISO’s RC services

BANC’s announcement to take Reliability Coordinator services from the ISO is the first public commitment of an entity seeking to receive reliability services from the ISO. Read the full news release.

2018 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment

The 2018 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment forecasts the peak demand to be about the same as last year, but with below-average hydroelectricity supplies and plant retirements, capacity to service consumers will be tight in high-load periods, especially during the late summer. Read the full news release.