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November 2020  •  Issue 31
As a federally regulated nonprofit, the ISO plans and operates the state’s high-voltage electric grid for California and a portion of Nevada

ISO Board of Governor Dave Olsen will step down on Nov. 30


David Olsen, longtime advocate for building a more equitable clean energy economy, announced his retirement from the California Independent System Operator (ISO) Board of Governors, after more than eight years of overseeing the ISO’s historic shift to non-fossil resources. He will step down effective Nov. 30.

Olsen leaves a legacy as a pioneering leader in modernizing electricity systems. His life’s work in the field of clean energy and corporate sustainability initiatives resulted in thousands of megawatts of clean energy projects, and progressive policies adopted across the country.

Before he joined the board, Olsen formed and led companies to develop wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric pumped storage projects in more than 20 countries. He coined the term “micro grid” in 1984 to describe the wind-solar-battery systems he developed to provide highest reliability power for critical applications.

As a climate change activist, Olsen helped develop detailed protocols for measuring, verifying and reporting greenhouse gas and used those to organize the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), which was signed into law in 2000. The first state registry of greenhouse gases, CCAR provided the foundation for The Climate Registry now used by 31 states.

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ISO announces new leadership structure


The California ISO announced a reorganization of its executive level leadership structure, bringing several key functions together under the newly created position of senior vice president and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The modified structure will bring together market policy, planning, operations, technology and program management, enabling greater integration and coordination across these critical functions.

Mark Rothleder, formerly the ISO’s vice president of Market Policy and Performance, is now the COO, following the retirements of the Vice President of Technology, Petar Ristanovic; and Vice President of Operations, Eric Schmitt in early November.

Dr. Khaled Abdul-Rahman was promoted to vice president of Power System and Market Technology as part of the restructuring, which also included a combination of promotions, expansion of duties, and interim appointments of other ISO employees.

For more information, click on the full news release.

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Western EIM posts $119 million in benefits


The Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), operated by the ISO, set a second record in 2020 with $119.3 million in quarterly economic benefits.

This year’s third quarter results marks the highest level of gross benefits achieved for the Western EIM since the real-time energy market launched in 2014, and raises the cumulative benefits to $1.11 billion.

The third quarter results – July, August and September – can be partially attributed to high load conditions during the extreme August heatwave, which drove tighter supply conditions and high prices across the West.

Click the news release for more information.

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Stay plugged in to the ISO

stay plugged

To keep track of new developments impacting the grid, the ISO offers a variety of ways to stay up to date.

The ISO’s Twitter account, @California_ISO, is a valuable tool to help the public stay informed on the latest news and updates from the ISO.

In addition, the ISO has an account dedicated to stakeholder notices, @ISOMarketNotice. This Twitter channel allows followers to track stakeholder processes and issues in real-time with helpful links to more information.

For conservation alerts and tips on how consumers can reduce energy use to help avoid power disruptions, follow the ISO's Flex Alert handle @flexalert.

Download the free ISO Today mobile app to track grid conditions, pricing, emissions, notices and events.

And finally, sign-up for the ISO’s news releases to receive the latest information as it is announced.

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