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​Field Work Appointment Request

To maintain a high level of customer support, the Energy Data Acquisition Systems group has implemented this page to provide fieldwork scheduling and support. Please submit your fieldwork support request through this web page.

Your request will be validated by:
  1. Email address
  2. A combination of data entered in the Internal ISO Number, Device ID or Resource ID fields provided
  3. NRI project bucket progress

After clicking on the Request Appointment button the CAISO will process the request. You will receive an email if the requested date is available. If your requested date is not available, you will receive an email with the next 3 available dates. The 3 available dates may only be available for a short time; please resubmit a request with one of the three dates immediately to assure that you can reserve a testing date. After the testing date is reserved, a final confirmation email with the testing date and time will be sent.


Disclaimer: A confirmed fieldwork appointment must be accompanied by an OMS outage. Please schedule an appropriate OMS outage once you have received a confirmed fieldwork appointment. Inaccurate information will cause your appointment request to be delayed.

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Internal ISO #
Meter Device ID or RIG Certificate
For multiple Meter Device IDs for the resource separate by a semi colon. For RIG certificate updates enter the RIG Certificate Common Name
Resource ID
Description of Work
Provide detailed description of work and provide any additional Device IDs, if any, for meter work
Desired Test Date *
Open the calendar popup.
Select a desired test date