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Bulletins, reports and studies

We provide centralized access here to all ISO technical bulletins, reports and studies.


Seasonal assessments

These assessments produce likely operating conditions that account for variances in load and resources under stressed and favorable operating conditions.

Transmission outage reports

All transmission outages must be reported to the California ISO with a description of the cause and all remedial actions taken. Information is confidential. Access requires a valid California ISO user certificate.

Curtailed and non-operational generators

Daily snap-shot of California power plants that are not operational due to planned or unplanned outages. Please note that reported conditions are dynamic and subject to change without further notice.

Market reports

Reports and audits regarding system events and other operational issues including frequency response and contingency reserve charts, reports on load shedding and other events, and operational studies.
  • Daily renewables watch
    The daily Renewables Watch provides important information about actual renewable production within the ISO grid as California moves towards a 33 percent renewable generation portfolio.
  • Price correction FERC waiver data
    These temporary data files are associated with the FERC waiver submitted on February 26, 2016.
  • Standard capacity product biannual status reports
    Standard Capacity Product biannual status report on the application of SCP Availability Standards to all resource adequacy resources.
  • Resource adequacy evaluation reports
    The Resource Adequacy (RA) Evaluation Reports provide RA compliance data regarding individual and/or aggregate validation of system and local RA showings. The California ISO may implement backstop procurement if the additional reliability needs presented in these reports are not mitigated in a timely manner.
  • Price validation and correction reports
    The price validation and correction reports provide summaries of the price corrections and shadow price corrections made by week.
  • Minimum online commitment
    The Minimum Online Commitment (MOC) report provides data on Pmin and cleared value of units committed by the MOC constraint to maintain reliability in the integrated forward market.
  • Market disruption reports
    The Market Disruption Report provides Market Participants with a comprehensive record of all market disruptions occurring in the California ISO Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets. Reports are published monthly on the 15th of every month and include data for the trade dates ending 30 days prior to the report date.
  • Exceptional dispatch reports
    Exceptional Dispatch Reports provide Market Participants with data on the frequency and volume of exceptional dispatches initiated within the California ISO Balancing Authority Area.
  • EIM quarterly benefits reports
  • Demand response net benefits test results
    The Demand Response Net Benefits Test Results provides on-peak and off-peak monthly threshold market clearing prices applicable to demand response resources. The results are published on the 15th of every month for the preceding trade month.
  • Capacity procurement mechanism
    The ISO issues preliminary notification of a CPM designation through a market notice and provides additional details in a formal designation report within 10 days after the end of the month.
  • Market performance reports

Market monitoring reports and presentations
Analysis materials produced by ISO Market Monitoring staff regarding performance of the ISO markets.

Technical bulletins
Technical bulletins are provided to communicate complex and technical information for the convenience of our participants.
  • Technical bulletins archive
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  • Market and operations technical bulletins
    Use of technical bulletins is subject to the ISO website Terms of Use.
  • Generator interconnection technical bulletins
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Market issues and performance reports
We provide annual and quarterly reports on market issues and performance.

Market Surveillance Committee opinions and reports
The Market Surveillance Committee provides comments, critiques and recommendations about the ISO market monitoring process and a variety of market issues to the ISO and Board of Governors.