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Customer partnership groups

Ongoing interactive forums to share ideas and opinions and to provide feedback for improving the customer experience when interacting with ISO applications and processes.   The frequency of meetings vary depending upon the activity level and development phase of the application or process.

  • Demand response registration system customer partnership group
    Conference call to discuss the continued development of the Demand Response Registration System (DRRS) used for proxy demand resource and reliability demand response resource participation.
  • Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 2 implementation customer partnership group
    Conference calls to discuss implementation of demand response current changes associated with phase 2 of the Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources initiative.
  • MRI-S metering customer partnership group
    Conference calls regarding the Market Results Interface - Settlements (MRI-S) metering application which replaced the OMAR-Online application.
  • Outage management system customer partnership group
    Monthly conference call to discuss the proposed modifications to the Outage Management System (OMS) used for generation and transmission outage management.
  • Reliability requirements customer partnership group
    Monthly conference calls to discuss issues, concerns, and questions regarding the reliability requirements process.
  • Resource adequacy and outage coordination processing customer partnership group
    Conference calls to discuss process changes resulting from implementation of the Reliability Services initiative in April 2018.
  • Inactive customer partnership groups