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User groups and recurring meetings

These forums provide a mechanism for stakeholders to communicate and interact and for the California ISO to share important information.


Market issues and performance reports

Quarterly and annual calls to provide an overview of reports issued by the Department of Market Monitoring (DMM) on market issues and performance.


Market performance and planning forum

Quarterly forum that engages stakeholders in review of market performance issues and in high level dialogue on release planning, implementation and new market enhancements.


Market update

Biweekly call covering updates on the weekly market performance reports, weekly price correction reports and the status of action items from previous calls.


Release user group

Biweekly forum for market initiatives to discuss project milestones and deliverables. Projects are managed through the Master Stakeholder Engagement Plan and follow a standard project lifecycle. Major releases occur twice a year with monthly releases for smaller enhancements.


Settlement user group

Biweekly discussion forum for market participants and RC West customers to obtain information, provide input and ask questions on current ISO initiatives and activities affecting the settlement and invoicing processes.


Technical user group

Biweekly discussion forum for participants to brainstorm and evaluate solutions for technology and process based problems for ISO development of prioritized implementation roadmaps. The group covers technical topics including process and technology design, implementation and evolution, and identifies and evaluates resolutions for technical issues. This forum will not discuss release dates, release plans, project status or policy. Technical user group presentations and videos are only available on the Developer Portal (developer account required).


Transmission development forum

The California ISO, in conjunction with the California Public Utilities Commission and the participating transmission owners, will hold biannual public stakeholder forums to provide status updates on the transmission projects previously approved through the transmission planning process and network upgrades identified in the generation interconnection process.


Transmission Maintenance Coordination Committee

Quarterly meetings of a committee made up of electric utility industry experts to discuss maintenance concerns, recent improvements in maintenance and construction processes/techniques, industry best practices and vegetation management.