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We can notify you about important developments

We send out important notifications regarding ISO operations and markets, alerts and emergencies, and upcoming events. Sign up for the notification lists you prefer or install our app on your mobile device.

Alerts, warnings, and emergency notices

Alerts, warnings and emergency notices are issued when operating reserves or transmission capacity limitations threaten our ability to safely and reliably operate the grid.
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Media only - Sign up to receive Emergency Status Updates and News Releases via email.

Flex Alerts

Flex AlertFlex Alerts are part of an educational and emergency alert program that informs consumers about how and when to conserve electricity during heat waves and other challenging grid conditions.
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Market notices

Market notices keep you up to date on meetings, procedure and system changes, stakeholder initiatives and other important information about ISO operations and markets.

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Energy Matters newsletter

Energy Matters is a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of developments in energy that will impact your community and your business. Many changes are coming to California’s energy landscape as the electricity grid of yesterday becomes the energy network of tomorrow.

System operating messages

The ISO control room issues messages that describe current operational conditions on the grid and in the market.  Access these notices on OASIS under Quick Links.

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