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​Commitment costs and default energy bid enhancements

Through this initiative the ISO will evaluate the following two topics: (1) whether commitment proxy costs, generated bids, and default energy bids allow scheduling coordinators to accurately reflect and recover their generators’ unit-specific marginal costs; and (2) whether changes to the economic bidding of commitment costs and associated market power mitigation methodology could increase market benefits when bidding under competitive market dynamics.


Initiative status

Tariff development: pending
Board of Governors approval: March 22, 2018

Notice of decisional classification

This notice provides the ISO Board of Governors Chair and the EIM Governing Body Chair with Management's proposed decisional classification for a policy initiative, e.g., whether the initiative falls within the primary authority of the EIM Governing Body or its advisory role. This notice requirement is described in the Guidance for Handling Policy Initiatives- EIM Governing Body.

Current meeting

No meeting currently scheduled

Policy development

 Working group