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​Metering rules enhancements

The ISO metering requirements have remained relatively unchanged since 1998. Meanwhile the energy landscape has dramatically changed with the growth in renewables, energy storage, distributed energy resources, energy imbalance market expansion, complex metering configuration needs, and efforts to integrate western balancing areas with the ISO.  This initiative will review existing metering requirements and propose possible revisions to accommodate these changes.



The enhancements were implemented on April 10, 2017 and designed in conjunction with external stakeholders to help reduce metering costs and provide additional metering flexibility for market participants while maintaining meter data integrity.

Implemented: April 10, 2017
FERC approval: March 31, 2017, December 15, 2017
Tariff amendment filing: February 8, 2017
Board of Governors approval: December 15, 2016


FERC filings and orders

Tariff development

Policy development