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Regional integration and EIM greenhouse gas compliance

This initiative explores mechanisms to track compliance obligations with California greenhouse gas regulations for supply resources located outside of California in an expanded balancing authority area.  This initiative will also examine similar mechanisms for resources  participating in the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).


Energy generated in or imported into California is subject to California’s greenhouse gas regulations. This initiative helped reduce the magnitude of secondary dispatch by limiting the eligible quantity an EIM participating resource can be attributed as serving California ISO load to its dispatch capability above its base schedule.

Implemented: November 1, 2018
FERC approval: October 29, 2018
Board of Governors approval: July 26, 2018
EIM Governing Body approval: July 12, 2018

Decisional classification

This Notice provides the ISO Board of Governors Chair and the EIM Governing Body Chair with Management's proposed decisional classification for a policy initiative, e.g., whether the initiative falls within the primary authority of the EIM Governing Body or its advisory role. This notice requirement is described in the Guidance for Handling Policy Initiatives- EIM Governing Body.

Market notices


FERC filings and orders

Tariff development

Policy development