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Valley Electric Association

The California ISO and Valley Electric Association have executed a memorandum of understanding that will form the basis of a transition agreement, once authorized by the ISO Board of Governors, detailing the process for the electric cooperative to become an ISO participating transmission owner, utility distribution company and load serving entity.  Valley Electric and the ISO have identified several integration issues that must be addressed prior to January 2013 when Valley Electric is expected to formally participate in the ISO market.  This initiative is not following the normal ISO stakeholder process because of the nature of the negotiations between the ISO and Valley Electric.


Valley Electric Association, Inc., the first out-of-state utility to join the ISO, became a participating transmission owner on January 3, 2013. The cross-state partnership has many mutual benefits that include greening and strengthening the interregional grid and adding competition and liquidity to the ISO market.

Effective: January 3, 2013
FERC order: December 14, 2011
FERC filing: October 14, 2011
Board of Governors approval: August 25, 2011


FERC filings and orders

Memorandum of understanding

Stakeholder meetings