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Inactive stakeholder processes

Recurring processes with no stakeholder activity at this time

Credit policy stakeholder process

Releasing transmission lines and facilities from operational control

Transmission planning standards


Completed stakeholder processes

Bid cost recovery and variable energy resource settlements

Bid cost recovery mitigation measures

Bidding and mitigation of commitment costs

Blackstart and system restoration

Capacity markets

Capacity procurement mechanism

Capacity procurement mechanism replacement

Capacity procurement mechanism designation of Sutter Energy Center

Central counterparty exception for self-supply

Circular scheduling

Commitment cost enhancements

Commitment cost enhancements phase 2

Commitment costs refinement 2012

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) related initiatives

Communications and roles under mandatory reliability standards

Competitive solicitation process enhancements

Competitive transmission improvements

Congestion revenue rights initiative

Congestion revenue rights tariff clarification 2012

Congestion revenue rights 2011 enhancements

Congestion revenue rights 2009-2010 enhancements

Contingency dispatch enhancements

Contingency reserve cost allocation

Convergence bidding

Cost allocation guiding principles

Data release phase 1 - transmission constraints

Data release phase 2 - convergence bidding information release

Data release and accessibility phase 3 - market efficiency

Deliverability for distributed generation

Deliverability of resource adequacy capacity on interties

Demand response initiative - archive

Demand response net benefits test

Demand response - proxy demand resource

Distributed load reference bus

Dynamic transfers

Energy Imbalance Market foundation

Energy Imbalance Market governance development

Energy Imbalance Market year 1 enhancements

Energy storage interconnection

eTagging timing requirements

Exceptional dispatch

Exceptional dispatch mitigation in real time

Ex post price correction make payments

Expanding metering and telemetry options

FERC Order No. 764 market changes

FERC order 1000 compliance

FERC order 1000 compliance phase 2

FERC order no 764 market changes

Flexible capacity procurement

Flexible capacity requirements

Flexible ramping constraint

Flexible ramping product

Generated bids and outage reporting for non-resource specific resource adequacy resources

Generation interconnection cluster 4 phase 1 methodology

Generator interconnection procedures cluster 1 and 2 deliverability concerns

Generator interconnection procedures phase 2

Generation interconnection process reform

Generator project downsizing

Generator reliability communication protocol

Integrated balancing authority areas

Inter-SC trades oversight exemption

Interconnection process enhancements

Interconnection process enhancements 2015

Interconnection requirements review

Intertie pricing and settlement

Late payment enforcement action

Load serving entity definition refinement

Load granularity refinements

Local market power mitigation enhancements

Location constrained resource interconnection policy

Multi-stage generating unit modeling

Multi-stage generation enhancements

Multi-year reliability framework

Natural gas pipeline coordination tariff modifications

Natural gas pipeline penalty recovery

Non-generator resources in ancillary services market

NERC reliability standards

Operations & maintenance cost adder review

Outage management system replacement

Participating intermittent resource program initiative

Pay for performance regulation

Payment acceleration project

Payment default allocation

Peak reliability coordinator funding

Penalty allocation procedure tariff amendment

Pool of bids in the integrated forward market

Post emergency bid cost recovery filing review

Post five-day process price corrections

Price corrections for invalid congestion

Price inconsistency caused by intertie constraints

Price inconsistency market enhancements

Proposal to eliminate operational review tariff provision

Real-time imbalance energy offset (2011)

Real-time imbalance energy offset (2009)

Real-time market / constraint enforcement

Reducing exceptional dispatch

Regulatory must-take generation

Reliability demand response product

Reliability must-run pump load

Renewable integration market and product review phase 1

Renewable integration market and product review phase 2

Renewable resources integration

Replacement requirement for scheduled generation outages

Residual unit commitment procedure in market redesign technology upgrade

Resource adequacy initiative

Resource adequacy one-for-many manual substitution

Resource transitions

Review transmission access charge wholesale billing determinant

Revised transmission planning process

Revisions to price correction requirements

Seven-day advanced outage submittal

Small and large generator interconnection procedures

Standard capacity product phase I

Standard capacity product phase II

Standard capacity product temporary waiver

Stepped constraint parameters

Supply resource demand response integration

Transmission constraint relaxation parameter change

Transmission Maintenance Coordination Committee tariff amendment

Transmission planning and generator interconnection integration

Transmission reliability margin

Uneconomic adjustment policy

Valley electric association

Voluntary preferred resource auction