Stakeholders Initiatives Process
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Stakeholder engagement opportunities

Stakeholder input is essential to ISO planning processes and for the success of new initiatives from policy development to implementation. We are committed to providing ample opportunity for stakeholder input into our market design, implementation and infrastructure planning activities. The stakeholder process will shape the market design and policies through a series of proposals, meetings and stakeholder comments.

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Stakeholder calendar

Release planning

Customer partnership groups

Miscellaneous stakeholder meetings

Completed and closed stakeholder initiatives




Energy Imbalance Market activities


All active and archived EIM stakeholder activities

Consolidated Energy Imbalance Market initiatives

Regional integration and EIM greenhouse gas compliance

Recurring stakeholder processes


2016-2017 Transmission planning process

2017-2018 Transmission planning process

Annual policy initiatives roadmap process

Budget and grid management charge process

Interregional transmission coordination

Tariff clarifications filing process

Initiatives in implementation phase


Aliso Canyon gas-electric coordination phases 1 and 2

Bidding rules enhancements

Congestion revenue rights clawback rule modification

Merced Irrigation District transition