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​Imbalance conformance enhancements

This initiative will clarify the ISO’s authority to conform for imbalance in both real time and the day ahead markets. The purpose of conforming is to maintain reliability of the bulk electric grid. It will also propose enhancements for the conformance limiter. The purpose of the limiter is to ensure price spikes do not result from artificial market infeasibilities.

Initiative status

Implementation: in progress
FERC ruling: pending
Tariff amendment filing: December 12, 2018
Board of Governors approval: May 16, 2018


Notice of decisional classification

​This notice provides the ISO Board of Governors Chair and the EIM Governing Body Chair with Management's proposed decisional classification for a policy initiative, e.g., whether the initiative falls within the primary authority of the EIM Governing Body or its advisory role. This notice requirement is described in the Guidance for Handling Policy Initiatives - EIM Governing Body.

Filings and orders

Market notices


Tariff development

Policy development