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Reliability must-run and capacity procurement mechanism enhancements

This initiative will review the Reliability Must-Run (RMR) tariff, agreement and process, and will seek to clarify RMR procurement versus backstop procurement under the Capacity Procurement Mechanism (CPM). The initiative is planned in two phases: 1) focus on developing a must-offer obligation for RMR units, and 2) identify potential refinements and strive to unify RMR and CPM under a single procurement framework. 


Initiative status

(formerly Review of reliability must-run and capacity procurement mechanism)

Tariff amendment filing:  Interim August 31, 2018
Tariff development:  In progress
Board of Governors approval:
  March 27, 2018
Policy development: Draft Final Proposal


Current meeting

Calls and webinars are recorded for stakeholder convenience, allowing those who are unable to attend to listen to the recordings after the meetings. The recordings will be publically available on the ISO web page for a limited time following the meetings. The recordings, and any related transcriptions, should not be reprinted without the ISO’s permission.

FERC filings and orders

Market notices


Tariff development

Policy development