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Interchange scheduling contracts energy delivery

Consistent with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards, upon receiving an ISO market award involving interchange imports and exports, the responsible purchasing selling entity must submit a NERC e-tag interchange schedule to physically schedule energy or capacity delivery.

Interchange scheduling

Each valid market award must be cross-referenced on each e-Tag, which is verified by the California ISO Interchange Transaction Software (CAS). The following three data elements are required to facilitate confirmation of the market transmission award. Any extra or missing element(s) will result in automatic tag denial.
Token Value
Contract Reference Number (CRN)for existing transmission contracts or transmission ownership rights, as registered in the ISO Master File, or “NONE” for market transmission
CAISO_RES_ID Market Resource ID as registered in the Master File
The interchange scheduling and tagging documents are provided to assist the responsible scheduling coordinator’s purchasing selling entity with the preparation of e-tags associated with each market award at an intertie.

Guidelines and procedures

  • Capacity benefit margins reports
    The following capacity benefit margins, as reported in megawatts, are reserved by the ISO in the day-ahead market to ensure the availability of adequate transmission capacity to serve native load. The values are used in the Open Access Same-time Information System in determining the available transmission capacity and are embedded in the total existing transmission contracts reported for each branch group. These quantities may be released for the hour-ahead market or in real time when existing conditions permit.
    • April 2014