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We keep a close watch on our markets

The ISO Department of Market Monitoring keeps a close watch on the efficiency and the effectiveness of the California ISO markets. We provide recommendations for market design and operational inputs, and review potential detrimental market behavior.

Mission statement

To maintain an open and competitive market, no participant should be able to take unfair advantage of the rules or procedures or concentrate market power and inhibit competition. 

Market Monitoring Hotline

Call (800) 644-6409 or use this online form to ask questions or report suspected abuses in the wholesale electricity markets, including ISO ancillary services, congestion management, or real-time spot markets.

All information received will be kept strictly confidential, and used only to investigate complaints of market abuse. Reports may be made anonymously.

Suspected abuses may also be reported to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Enforcement Hotline.

For complaints about retail electric customer service, please contact the local utility or California Public Utilities Commission Consumer Affairs at (800) 649-7570.

Annual and quarterly issues and performance reports

We provide annual and quarterly reports on market issues and performance. 

Market monitoring reports and presentations

Analysis materials produced by the ISO market monitoring staff regarding performance of the markets. 

   Regulatory filings

   Comments on stakeholder processes

ISO tariff reference
The relevant sections discussing ISO Market Monitoring can be found in Appendix P of the ISO Tariff. 

Market monitoring archive