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Energy oversupply - managing a greener grid

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Renewables and emissions reports

As California moves towards a 60-percent renewable generation portfolio by 2030, these reports provide information on renewable energy production within the ISO grid. The reports use raw data and are not intended to be used as the basis for operational or financial decisions.


Click here for our near real-time renewable production graphs.

Daily Renewables Watch

The Renewables Watch Report provides actual daily renewable production within the ISO grid. Note: For information from 9/23/2019 to 10/03/2019, the majority of data can be found on Today’s Outlook.

In 2021, the data found in the "Daily Renewables Watch" report will be integrated into various areas of Today's Outlook. Details on the migration of the data will be provided in advance of the launch.

Renewables Watch pic

Daily reports and data files


Monthly renewables performance report

These graphs display monthly minimum, mean, median, and maximum net load ramps, daily and monthly renewable curtailments, frequency of negative prices in the real-time market, control performance, and reliability-based control. 

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tracking

These reports depict greenhouse gas emissions for the ISO balancing authority as a direct result of the dispatch of ISO internal resources, net imports (including dynamic resources) and transfers from western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) entities into the ISO. See Tracking Methodology and Frequently Asked Questions.  


Wind and solar daily curtailment report 

These reports provide a detailed accounting of wind and solar renewable generation curtailed in the ISO market. Read these reports in the context of the daily renewables watch reports for a more complete understanding of both renewable curtailment and generation.