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Convergence bidding

This market feature allows a scheduling coordinator representing a registered convergence bidding entity to submit bids in the day-ahead market. Awards are paid or charged the day-ahead price and automatically liquidated at the relevant hour-ahead scheduling process or real-time price. Email questions about the registration process to

Process and Requirements

ISO Tariff
Reference Section 4.5.2 Eligible Customers and Convergence Bidding Entities
To register as a convergence bidding entity, entities must complete and submit the convergence bidding registration forms and the ISO Affiliate forms.

Application access

Application access request forms and application installation instructions

Guidelines, forms, instructions and policies associated with certificates and related ISO application access.

Customer Market Results Interface (CMRI)

Focuses on the basic functions of the CMRI application, providing an overview of how to log in, navigate, search, run, and download market data reports.

Scheduling Infrastructure Business Rules (SIBR)

Overview of the SIBR application as well as interactive online training. Watch all of the modules consecutively, or use the drop-down menu at the top to navigate through them.