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User access administrator guide

Customers must designate one or more User Access Administrators to manage the process of requesting user access to ISO applications. All requests for Scheduling Coordinator (SC)application access, removal and revocation must be submitted by their authorized User Access Administrator. This guide provides a step-by-step summary of User Access Administrator processes and responsibilities.

Designate user access administrator
Submit a User Access Administrator Agreement to specify the application access point of contact. If a User Access Administrator has been established proceed to step 2.​
Complete non-disclosure agreements
Comply with instructions and submit applicable non-disclosure agreements.
  • Non disclosure agreements
    Certain secure planning and market systems data are available upon compliance with the applicable Submission Instructions and submittal of a non-disclosure agreement. Requesting entities must have an approved WECC Confidentiality Agreement prior to requesting access to this data. Only submit a User Access Administrator (UAA) agreement upon confirmation from the ISO that the submitted non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has been approved. If the NDA is not yet approved when submitting the UAA agreement, the UAA agreement will be rejected.
Request application access
The authorized User Access Administrator must submit the appropriate form using CIDI to request, remove or revoke access to ISO systems and applications. User Access Administrators that do not have CIDI should submit requests through the Web to CIDI Interface webpage.
Conform with Information Security standards
Adhere to standards in the Information Security Requirements and Specifications document. Fully execute information security agreements.

Install and renew digital certificates
​Install digital (root) certificates which are essential for connectivity to California ISO networks and systems. Digital certificates expire every year and must be renewed. User Access Administrators will receive a list of expiring certificates from the ISO 6-8 weeks prior to their expiration and must reply indicating whether to renew or revoke each certificate. If no reply is received certificates will not be renewed and access to ISO applications will terminate.
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