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Reliability requirements

The reliability requirements and resource adequacy programs provide deliverability criteria that each load serving entity must meet, and provide rules for counting resources that must be made available to the ISO. The ISO reliability requirements program is intended to complement the state's efforts to implement resource adequacy programs.

Process and requirements

Import Allocations

Local capacity requirements

Flexible capacity needs assessments

Use-limited resources

Resources that have operational or environmental restrictions that limit production hours but can operate for a minimum set of consecutive trading hours may be considered use-limited.
Reliability requirements deliverability studies
  • Deliverability assessment methodologies
  • 2009 Serial group deliverability assessment updates
  • 2011 Serial group deliverability assessment updates
  • 2008 Q2 Generation deliverability study
  • 2007 Q3 Generation deliverability study
  • Phase III baseline generation deliverability study
  • Phase IIB baseline generation deliverability study

Reliabillity requirements archive