Demand response

The ISO is actively engaged with stakeholders in developing viable wholesale demand response products with direct market participation capability. Products that can be provided by non-generation resources, such as demand response, can be used for power system reliability.


Active initiatives

No active initiatives at this time.


Other resources and documents

Completed initiatives

Demand response and energy efficiency roadmap
The ISO roadmap to advance demand response and energy efficiency builds upon California’s progressive policies enabling non-polluting distributed energy resources.
Demand response net benefits test
Implementing a net benefits test that establishes a price threshold above which demand response resource bids are deemed cost effective per FERC Order No. 745.
Non-generator resource - dispatchable demand response
See Regulation energy management section under the Renewable integration market and product review phase 1 initiative.
Proxy demand response
A new demand response product implemented that facilitates the participation of existing retail demand programs in the ISO market.
Reliability demand response product
Developed a wholesale demand response product that enables compatibility with and integration of existing retail emergency-triggered demand response programs into the ISO operations and market.
Supply resource demand response integration - working group
Compliance report to the California Public Utilities Commission on requirements for integration of supply-side demand response resources into the ISO market.


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