January 8, 2015



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California Energy Storage Roadmap Posted




The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Energy Commission, and California ISO posted the final Energy Storage Roadmap to the ISO website.



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The final Energy Storage Roadmap is a product of collaboration between the CPUC, Energy Commission and the ISO.  A variety of stakeholders, including utilities, energy storage developers, generators, environmental groups and other interested parties, provided beneficial input to the team.  DNV GL and Olivine, Inc. facilitated and consulted on the roadmap to support its development.


The roadmap is available on the ISO website at  The roadmap identifies actions, venues and priorities aimed at advancing energy storage technology in California.  Organizations will use this roadmap as an information tool for regulatory proceedings, initiatives and policies.  However, use of this roadmap does not constitute a commitment by the organization to perform any or all of the actions.


The CPUC, the Energy Commission and the ISO also posted a companion document to the roadmap that communicates relevant activities supporting energy storage advancement.  This document is available at


The team is deeply grateful for the time, effort and insight provided by stakeholders to shape the roadmap and looks forward to continuing this interaction as each organization embarks on the activities to bring more energy storage to California.


More information on the Energy Storage Roadmap is available at



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