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February 6, 2018


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California ISO will now Record and Post All Calls and Meetings for Active Stakeholder Initiatives


The California ISO will now offer recordings of all calls and meetings related to active stakeholder initiatives and make them available on its website.  


In an effort to expand public access and to offer enhanced services to stakeholders, the ISO will record all stakeholder policy initiative meetings and calls and post the audio recordings to its public website.


Since early 2016, the ISO has recorded and posted meetings related to exploration of a regional energy marketplace, recognizing the benefits of transparency and public input to a significant energy policy process. Based on the positive feedback from recording those meetings and calls, the ISO now will extend the protocol to all open stakeholder initiatives.


The recordings are intended for informational purposes only, allowing stakeholders, media, the legislative community, and the general public to listen to the meetings at their convenience, and review discussion of ISO policy on important grid and market issues.


The recordings will be available on ISO’s public website. Visit the Stakeholder Processes page at and select from the list of initiatives for the topic of interest. 


The recordings will be available for a limited time, and removed from the website as comments are due for the next iteration of the initiative process.


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