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July 7, 2016



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Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act SB 350 - Additional Non-Confidential Study Data Now Available On




Certain previously released data related to the Senate Bill 350 studies is now available directly from the Regional Energy Market webpage. The ISO has reassessed the data initially marked as confidential and determined that some data can be released as public information. The remaining confidential data used in the studies continues to be subject to confidentiality restrictions and requires stakeholders to execute a non-disclosure agreement with the ISO before accessing the data. That process has been expedited to provide full access to interested parties.



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In its continuing effort to promote transparency in the public review process of its SB 350 study results, the ISO determined specific data, including those with output calculations, are public information and are now directly available on the ISO website at:, under the heading of "SB 350 Study data" near the top of the page.


The public data and information files can now be viewed directly on the ISO website, and on the Accellion website where it was initially housed. Stakeholders who previously were granted access to data on the Accellion site may continue to use that resource.


Confidential data used in the studies continues to be subject to confidentiality restrictions and requires a non-disclosure agreement with the ISO for viewing. That information includes data that is considered Critical Energy Infrastructure Information under federal law; hourly or unit-level input data—or any data that could be used to derive those inputs—that was originally developed by ISO and/or Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) stakeholders under confidentiality restrictions in other transmission planning studies or non-disclosure agreements; and proprietary data or information subject to a non-disclosure agreement. Information on executing a non-disclosure agreement can be found at the above link.


Executed non-disclosure agreements, or any questions regarding the agreement, can be submitted to



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