Nov. 4, 2022
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Generator Interconnection Affidavits for Allocating and Retaining Transmission Plan Deliverability due 12/5/22

Generator interconnection customers must submit Transmission Plan (TP) Deliverability affidavits to the California ISO to be eligible to receive or retain deliverability allocations in the annual TP Deliverability allocation process. This notice applies to all active generation interconnection projects who are eligible to seek an allocation or who want to retain an allocation from a prior allocation cycle. For eligibility requirements, including wholesale distribution access tariff (WDAT) projects, refer to the ISO Tariff Appendix DD sections listed in the table below.


Projects that are not seeking or retaining a TP Deliverability allocation, including Full Capacity Deliverability Status (FCDS), Partial Capacity Deliverability Status (PCDS), Energy Only and distributed generation resource (DG facilities) projects, or projects that are no longer required to submit an affidavit to retain a TP Deliverability allocation per Section of the Generation Interconnection and Deliverability Allocation Procedures (GIDAP) Business practice manual (BPM) do not need to submit an affidavit. 


Deliverability Status

Project Type and Eligibility

Required Documentation/ Affidavit

Appendix DD Reference

FCDS or PCDS used by prior commitments

·   ISO Queue Serial - Cluster 4

·    WDAT projects studied for deliverability in: Cluster 4 or Prior

Affidavit for Cluster 4 and Earlier Queued Projects




Retaining previously accepted TP Deliverability allocation


CAISO Queue Cluster projects and WDAT projects that received a TP Deliverability allocation on the basis of negotiating or being shortlisted for a Power Purchase Agreement

Documentation for Projects Previously Allocated Transmission Plan Deliverability




Seeking TP Deliverability allocation

ISO Cluster 13 and earlier projects, ISP projects and WDAT projects that meet the eligibility requirements for seeking an allocation in the new allocation groups A, B, C and D.

Affidavit for Projects Seeking Transmission Plan Deliverability

An updated version of this form will be available on Nov.7, 2022





The GIDAP BPM contains the affidavit scoring methodology for determining the order for allocating TP Deliverability to eligible projects in each allocation group.  The final draft of the GIDAP BPM that has been updated to reflect the CAISO Tariff Appendix DD Sept.1, 2022 revisions can be accessed here.


The ISO will accept an e-mail copy of documentation for retention or notarized affidavits for seeking an allocation. The notarization must be in jurat form. All documents are due by Dec. 5, 2022. 


Interconnection Customers requesting TP Deliverability for Energy Only capacity must submit to the ISO, or the applicable Participating Transmission Owner (PTO) for WDAT projects, a $60,000 study deposit for each Interconnection Request seeking TP Deliverability. 


Wiring instructions for the study deposit for Energy Only projects seeking deliverability in the ISO Queue only:


Wells Fargo Bank (LGIP)

ABA 121000248

Acct 4122041825

Federal Tax ID #94-3274043


WDAT projects will need to provide the study deposit to their PTO:

  • Documentation for retaining previously allocated TP Deliverability should be emailed to, or mailed to: California ISO, Attn: Queue Management, 250 Outcropping Way, Folsom, CA, 95630.
  • Affidavits for projects seeking a TP Deliverability allocation should be emailed to, or mailed to: California ISO, Attn: Grid Assets, 250 Outcropping Way, Folsom, CA, 95630.
  • WDAT projects: Documentation for projects previously allocated or affidavits for seeking TP Deliverability must be sent to the appropriate PTO contacts below. WDAT Energy Only projects must coordinate payment of the study deposit for Energy Only projects seeking TP Deliverability with the corresponding PTO contact.


The ISO anticipates providing the TP Deliverability allocation results to interconnection customers in March of 2023.


Additional information can be found in GIDAP BPM Section, which includes a table summarizing the seeking allocation ranking groups.


The table above describes the types of documentation and affidavits required and provides links to where they can be accessed on the ISO website. Please access the templates using the links provided, as they have been updated for the upcoming TP Deliverability allocation process.


For generating facilities retaining TP Deliverability:

Ryan Cox at 916-351-2434 or


For generating facilities seeking TP Deliverability:

Matt Chambers at 916-936-6854 or


WDAT projects requesting deliverability:

Pacific Gas & Electric - Trinity Burruss, 916-213-0271,

San Diego Gas & Electric -

Southern California Edison - Frances Castaneda, 909-274-1106,

Valley Electric Association - Darell Holmes, 775-727-2736,

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